Sterilize respirator masks for reuse using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor.
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Plasma Low Temperature Sterilization with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

PlazMax provides an efficient sterilization solution for heat & moisture sensitive equipment in CSSDs and Gastroenterology & Respiratory Endoscopy Clinics.

With PlazMax you get increased productivity, reduced risk of work stoppage, and efficient supply of sterilized equipment where it’s needed.

In operating rooms PlazMax benefits you with almost immediate access to sterilized equipment. Simple to install and control, only requiring 1-phase electricity and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) packs to operate. No need to send equipment to a CSSD, eliminating the risk of damage and contamination in transit.

Advanced and Flexible Control System

Take Advantage of Tuttnauer’s state-of-the-art control system with multicolor touch screen display. Includes equipment tracking and maintenance notification features.

35 minutes Fast and Productive

PlazMax cycle times are as low as 35 minutes (P50 normal cycle).

Wide Range of Chambers

Don’t over pay for two small sterilizers when you can buy one large sterilizer. Choose from 3 models with chamber sizes from 50 to 160 liters.

Vertical Sliding Door

Automatic Vertical Sliding Door with built-in foot operated device for hands-free door operation.

Clean Technology

  • Non-toxic sterilizing agent
  • Minimal utility requirements – low electricity consumption, no water consumption
  • The sterilization process results in water and oxygen by-products

Keep Running Costs Low

Keep you consumable costs low
With PlazMax you have the freedom to use commonly available market accessories such as indicators, pouches & rolls, etc. that are suitable for sterilization with vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Tuttnauer also sells sterilant, and biological & chemical indicators.

Tough Challenges – PCD

By challenging the PlazMax sterilizer with our Process Challenge Device (optional) you will be confident that it does its job at the highest sterilization levels.


Safety Features

Tuttnauer strives to provide sterilizers that ensure safety for patients, staff, and the environment. Safety features include:

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  • Low temperature and low pressure during sterilization
  • Door is locked during cycle operation